“MENSPIRE’ feat Josh lamonaca & Glenn Mc Goldrick

* * * *    H U G E    A N N O U C E M E N T    * * * *
Myself and all the staff of Barbers Of BT45 & Barbers Of BT80 are delighted to announce that we will be joined by the legend that is ‘JOSH LAMONACA" for a 2 Day workshop on 14th/15th May 2017.
Myself and Josh have been trying to put something together for this past few years that would accommodate us both but because of confliciting schedules we are only getting around to finalising something now.
Josh Lamonaca is the co founder of the prestigious 'Menspire' in London.
He is a highly respected hairdresser/barber/educator and many believe him to be the best the world has to offer. He is part of the MH Feds and his methods of incorporating hairdressing into barbering has caused momentous movements in our industry leading to be becoming highly acclaimed.
Currently 3 of my staff have had the honour of spending time in London training with him and came back full of passion and new techniques. His passion, creativity and work ethnic is second to none and every barber out there will know what I mean when I tell you how excited I am that he is coming over.
I have been on alot of courses/training in my career as a barber and have never came across a more intricate and meticulously detailed course covering all aspects of barbering. 
MENSPIRE are the ones able to cross over hairdressing and barbering which in turn is allowing us to develop our skills/techniques even further, pushing boundaries.. By doing this they are creating a movement which others are rapidly incorporating into their skill set . Their experience and creativity clearly shines through and I left with a higher knowledge and respect of barbering and now hairdressing.
They motivated me to explore other aspects of the industry and further more push the boundaries of what I can do which has since seen me bring in more hairdressing elements including to name a few patterns, body positions, proper terminology, and tricks. To top it all off they are complete gentlemen, professional to the core and the most motivational and inspirational team I have ever came across in my 15 years in this industry. The industry would be nothing without him in it and I for one would not want to be part of an industry without them.
Due to his iconic presence myself and the staff could think of no one better that we would want to open our new salon in Cookstown ' Barbers Of BT80'. To us he is the epitome of professionalism, genius and admirable. He will fly over on a Saturday the 13th May to cut the ribbon on our new salon which is he really looking forward too followed by a small after party.
The next day (Sunday 14th May 2017) he will hold a ‘Master Seminar' demonstrating fundamentals in barbering. We are also delighted he will be joined by his protege Glenn Mc Goldrick (a fellow Irish man) who took the courageous leap and moved to London to work alongside josh and take his career to the next level. Glenn is currently travelling the world with Josh and is now a fellow educator with the menspire academy. There will some on stage demonstrations with screens and Mics so everyone can see and get good value for their money observing the boys on stage. This course is limited in spaces so I can't stress enough that you get yourself and/or your team onto this before spaces become extinct!
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The following day Josh and Glenn will be holding an exclusive hands on workshop where they will guide each candidate through haircuts. This is a VERY limited course so we recommend booking early as they feel they can only take a certain amount of people so they can concentrate on them rather than trying to divide themselves between loads. 
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