BT45 Womens Hair Information



If you are looking to get your hair coloured and cut at BT45 the collective, we have certain guidelines you must adhere too before we can make you an appointment.

  • Medical History – It is of extreme importance that you are forthcoming with any medical or health issues that you have or are currently going through before we perform any services. During your consultation you should make us aware immediately so we can ascertain what direction or service we recommend moving forward. This may be simply switching your colour to an ammonia free colour if you are pregnant.
  • Consultation – We require you to make a consultation (for which there is a fee) for the stylist to determine and study your hair. It is our utmost responsibility to protect the integrity of your hair and to do that we must inspect the condition and discuss what it is you require from us and what prior services have been done to your hair to see if we feel we would like to proceed and quote you a sufficient price and time frame that we deem necessary to successfully fulfil your requirements. This consultation is an in-depth questionnaire designed to cover all aspects of anything hair related.
  • Testing – Integrity of your hair is of the utmost importance to us. It usually comes down to a question of what means more to the client like Level of Lift or Integrity of the hair. A Strand Test may be used to ascertain the level of lift we will get on your hair before starting the whole process and avoid disappointment. Elasticity Test will determine the strength of your hair before and after a chemical process. The Patch test will determine if you allergic to any of the colour lines we will be using on your skin, and finally the Chemical Test done during your strand test will let us see if there is any chemical reaction on your hair strand.
  • Time Frame – The end result you require might have to be done over multiple visits and for that we need to establish a sufficient time frame. We are also not responsible for you having to collect kids or attend other appointments therefore putting the stylist under pressure to have you out by a certain time, compromising the quality and finished result of the service. (Remember your hair is a walking advertisement of our salon so we also want to have it to our standards). We deem to give you an initial time you may be done for but due to circumstances that may be beyond our control these may differ. Please be patience and respectful to the staff and know that we will always be doing the best to protect the quality of your hair and that is our main priority.
  • Pricing – In BT45 we use two different prices methods. One is Per Hour or one is an overall estimated price for the service. Depending on what it is needing done we will quote you what we feel is the correct price and best value for you. If for example you require a colour correction this is a timely process in which case, we would usually quote you per hour. If your process is a standard process for example a root colour, we can give you our standard price for that service. Due to various length’s and densities of hair this standard price may change as we will need to use more product on thicker and longer hair which causes the price of your service to rise. Our initial price includes 1 bowl of pre Lightner, Olaplex No 1 & No 2, Toners, Blow Dry and the finish. Any extra bowls of lighters and extra toners will increase the price. Olaplex is a must in our bleaching services and we will NOT be servicing your hair without it as previously mentioned we have to protect your hair at all costs.
  • Colour Corrections – After a consultation and testing we still hold the right to refuse to perform the service if we feel your hair is compromised. Any service we use to perform the service may push your hair further beyond its boundaries and cause severe breakage and hair loss, for which we have the right to decide what we are willing to take on. If we decide not to pursue your colour, we will of course tell you why and give informative feedback as to how you get your hair to the condition we need, as any other hairdressers will most likely refuse the service as they too will not want to risk the integrity of your hair. Advice may be simply using treatments and giving your hair a break to repair itself.
  • Maintenance – It is recommended that you return every 6 weeks to maintain your colour. This is essential as it keeps the colour, we have achieved consistent. By returning every 6 weeks to maintain quality will save us having to perform a colour correction and save any banding that might occur which saves you the client both time and money.
  • Aftercare – Once we have completed the service, we are going to recommend to you what products we use. This may include shampoos, conditioners, treatments, oils and styling products. We would not be professional hairdressers if we let you spend your money on a top-quality service and let you leave and use poor quality products that will impair the services we have carried out. An analogy that we like to use is - you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a dress of high-quality material and fabrics and decide to wash it everyday with a cheap detergent that will destroy the condition, colour and quality of the dress.

By completing the form below, you agree to the above terms and we can then organise your initial consultation.

Thank You 

Team BT45/BT80