BT45 sweep the awards at LCT 2019!


BT45 sweep the board making history at LCT 2019


The L'Oréal Colour Trophy, is the longest running live hairdressing competition in the world, it showcases the brightest hairdressing talents across the country, whilst ensuring that hairdressers nationwide are continually inspired to celebrate ‘Hair Inspired by Fashion’. 

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy has evolved from its origin 64 years ago, growing from only 300 attendees in 1954 to now welcoming thousands more of the industry's greatest talents. 

In January of each year Loreal opened the competition to allow all hairdressers and barbers from all over the world to enter their specific category. To do this the candidate must read the brief outlined by loreal and put together a seamless look that represents the brief. These are then submitted online and go through vigorous judging by our esteemed panels of judging at loreal headquarters in Hammersmith, London.


From this judging day of the Men’s Image award 10 candidates are selected to represent Northern Ireland in the regional semi-finals in the Europa Hotel in Belfast.


Stylist, Barbers and industry specialists attend from all over NI to prove themselves on the floor in a 30 min challenge. This gives the candidate the final chance to style their models hair before they are taken away to take part in a fantastic catwalk hair show to showcase their talents. The judges do not know which salon represents which model and are only given numbers to work off when making their decisions. They take their time to deliberate and then ask everyone back in to attend and watch the final hair show before the awards are announced.


Out of the 10 entries in the semi-finals for the men’s image award 3 salons ae selected to be named “BEST IN REGION NI”. These entries then go on to represent Northern Ireland at the Grand Final in London in June. They will be against all the other regions including Scotland and England where one will be crowned the overall Loreal Men’s Image award grand winner 2019.


On the 25thMarch Chris Graham who owns Barbers Of BT45, Barbers Of BT80 and Salon 45 took his team to Belfast to represent the chain in the Men’s `Image Award.


Before they had even got there, they were stoked to have secured 3 places out of the 10 in the semi-finals after dozens of entries. His team consisted of senior stylists, Cathal Mc Cormack, Megan Ludlow and Kala Boyle.


Chris knew his models’ numbers where 2, 8 and 9 and waited with bated breath to hopefully secure a place at the grand final in London. Little did he know it and too his surprise the night was about to take an unexpected turn.


Anticipating the results, the first winner was announced. model number 2. Chris and Cathal jumped with delight and were astounded as they approached the stage to collect their trophy. Whilst on the stage the second winner was revealed, model number 8! Megan Ludlow was elated to collect her award and took to the stage, joining her fellow colleagues. At this At this point the excitement in the room with was building and the atmosphere electric with Chris and team already up there in shock that they had managed to secure 2 out of the possible 3 places for the grand finale. Judge Alan Simpson took to the stage to declare the final model through. After a brief pause with anticipation model number 9 was announced and the room erupted with heartfelt joy. Chris fell to his knees on the stage as he had just realised what had happened. The BT45 brand had just won all 3 Men's awards. Kala Boyle then proceeded to the stage took her rightful place to collect the final trophy for the men’s image award grand finale. The BT45 brand had just done a clean sweep of ALL 3 positions available for the final in London. History has just been made and mid ulster had just been put on the map having fought off stiff competition from all hairdressers and barbers throughout the northern Ireland region. The BT45 brand will now fully represent Northern Ireland in London on the 3rdJune vying to become the grand winner!