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BT45 Beginners Course Monday 3rd March 2018 - Monday 16th April 2018

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This course runs every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm.

Syllabus will be sent as soon as deposit is paid. (If paying deposit only 100.00 please visit Beginners Course Deposit under product menu)

We recommend you read through ALL of syllabus as it covers all aspects of barbering and essential information. Highlight any areas of particular concern so we can concentrate solely on hands on training between the time of 6pm - 9pm. Any areas of concern can be addressed with Chris on the first night of training and the remainder of the course can then be tailor made around that. 

You will need to bring a model with you to be ready between 7/7.30pm - 9pm

You will need your own equipment. Whilst we have some available we recommend starting to put your own kit together if you are looking to become a barber. 

If making a booking under SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER please include your

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  • Anything else you might feel we need to know in regards to your training.