The 'Prince Of BT45'

Posted by Chris Graham on


We have crowned the

'Prince OF BT45'.

When deciding to run competitions I am always trying to do something unique and different to anyone else around, and continue to be original so over a year ago I came up with the concept about rewarding our younger generation with a prize that has never been done before, namely Prince of BT45

In the hairdressing industry we always feel that we have to target the young adults and older generations for competitions as they are the ones who we see the most of and converse with more but the younger clientele is just as important. The kids that come into our stores bring such personalities and laughter we can’t ignore! These are the generation that will grow up within our salons and be customers for life, hopefully deciding to bring their own children in some day to the same establishment.

With many young beauty pageants being focused around ‘girls’ and a high demand be made about how they actually look, from what they are wearing, makeup and hair extensions (YES hair extensions!) I felt with this competition that I wanted the boys to be out front. We wanted them to be in a natural carefree environment and include the parents, which is why if you check out our images from our entries you will see them being their cheeky self’s and expressing who they are through their photo!

As we have always used Facebook as our outlet for competitions this year we switched it up deciding to use Instagram as the main outlet for this particular competition. 

After a bit of planning with the staff we laid out the rules and got to snapping!

We were overwhelmed with the response as we had a very, very short time frame to get it done in as we had to make sure we had all the images online and enough time for people to vote before the Xmas trees light switch on. Apologies go to all those who missed out on entering.

As always we incorporate a local charity into the competition and we all knew we needed to look no further than to the local travesty of ‘Daniel Bradley’.

This year we asked clients to contribute to ‘Autism’ as we all know many family and friends who have been diagnosed with this disorder and would love to receive all the help possible. In 2018 the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. Most children were still being diagnosed after age 4, though autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as age 2.

Every penny really does count. We were delighted to have Janice Bradley (Daniel’s Mother) come down to receive the cheque for £601.70 at the Magherafelt Christmas Tree Light Switch on, where Harry was presented with his crown. A massive thank you has to go specifically to Cathal Mc Cormack who led the charity donation this year within BT45.

After a very tight race ‘Harry Cooper’ came through to be crowned BT45’s very first Prince OF BT45. His prizes were as follows:

  1. FREE haircuts for a year
  2. Full range of BT45 Product Range (14 Items)
  3. Omniplex Movie Tickets
  4. Title OF Prince of BT45 for a whole year.
  5. Professional Photo shoot.
  6. Interview and presentation on stage at Magherafelt Xmas Tree light switch on.

We all at BT45 / BT80 and S45 want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who entered and although there can only be one winner we think all the young boys who entered did amazingly well and hope to see their faces again next year!